The Library Resource Centre will be holding a Scholastic Book Fair from Tuesday 19 to Friday 22 November. This is a great opportunity for students to choose from over 200 books of leading authors for children and young adults. Prices start at only £2.99. There is also an opportunity for each pupil to win a £5 book voucher to use at the book fair. To enter, create a book cover and hand this in to the Library Resource Centre no later than Monday 18 November. The five best entries will be chosen.

The Book Fair is not only a great opportunity for students to add to their book collection, but also an opportunity to earn ‘free books’ for the school. All purchases made during the Book Fair contribute to the number of resources the school is allocated.

The Library is open until 4.15pm for students to go and see what is available, as well as to make their purchases. We would like to thank parents in anticipation of their support of this event.