The Fountain of Hope was founded in 1996 as a way to help rehabilitate the growing population of street children in Zambia’s capital. In a country of 14 million, it has been estimated that there are 75,000 street children throughout the country and 2,000 alone in the nation’s capital Lusaka. Oftentimes these children spend their days on the streets, not going to school and doing whatever they can to feed themselves and stay alive.

Fountain of Hope was created to help these vulnerable children, many who are AIDS orphans, abandoned or living off drugs, to survive. It provides a safe place for the kids to attend school, get a meal, play sports, receive health care and learn skills through its technology program. Best of all, it is a loving place that is off the streets and kids can experience a sense of normalcy in their troubled lives.

Year 12 students work together to raise funds to cover their visit and provide equipment for the orphanage. They work with the children over two weeks demonstrating their commitment to those less fortunate.

Zambia 2018 from St Roberts on Vimeo.