Y6 Open Evening is Tuesday 28th September, 2021.

We would like to welcome parents/carers/children of our prospective Year 7 cohort (September 2022) to our Open Evening. The evening will consist of a welcome talk from the Head Teacher and an opportunity to visit our subject areas for further information (5.30pm onwards).

We have planned for a staggered attendance on the evening and therefore have 4 opportunities to visit:

5pm St John Boste and St Joseph’s
5.45pm St Bede’s and non-feeder primary schools
6.30pm OLQP and non-feeder primary schools
7.15pm St Michaels and non-feeder primary schools

For those attending at 7.15pm it is advised to arrive 45mins-1hr earlier to facilitate a tour of the school and its subject areas. For all other times, there will be ample opportunity to tour the school following the talk.
The evening will close by 8pm.

Whilst the wearing of face masks is not compulsory, it is advised in more crowded areas of the school.

We very much look forward to welcoming you. For any queries, please contact the school’s main office.

Thank you,
Mrs Salmon
Senior Assistant Headteacher

Mrs K Gittins
Transition Coordinator