Post 16 Results – Thursday 13th August

Results will be available for students to collect from school from 8am onwards.

Given the rules around distancing, we will have to distribute results in a slightly staggered fashion. On arrival, students will have to queue up outside Student Reception, by tutor group. We will then allow students into the school canteen in groups of 10 to collect their results. No parents/carers will be permitted into the building with students at this point. Students will then have to exit the building, for us to admit the next ten. We urge appropriate distancing outside school at all times please.

If students require guidance after receiving their results, we ask them to queue up outside the staff entrance at the front of the school for entry into the Drama Hall to talk to Sixth Form staff. If students wish to have a parent or carer with them as they receive this guidance, one parent/ carer may accompany them into the Drama Hall.

For students applying to university, their UCAS Track system will update at 8am. This will inform them if they have been successful in obtaining a place on the course they identified as their Firm Choice. If a student does not achieve the required grades or UCAS points for their Firm Choice, they will automatically drop to their Insurance Choice, provided they have the required grades or UCAS points. If a student has not gained the required grades or UCAS points for their Firm Choice and Insurance Choice, they will be put into Clearing. Students will then be able to apply for available courses based on their results. The list of courses available in Clearing can be viewed on the UCAS website (


GCSE Results – Thursday 20th August

Results will be available for St Robert’s students to collect on Thursday 20th August. This year arrangements will be slightly different. Due to the need to distance, students have been given arrival times in groups throughout the day. Each group will then have up to approximately one hour in school to receive their results and any guidance around Sixth Form or progression elsewhere. Once their allocated time slot is up, they must leave the site. We cannot change any student’s allocated time.

The slots will continue throughout the whole day. Parents or carers can accompany students to school, if they remain in their vehicle. If students wish to have a parent/carer accompany them on site, we will permit one parent/carer per student. However, the student will have to enter the building alone to collect their results. Parents/Carers will have to wait outside in a distanced fashion. Following collection of their results, students can enrol for Sixth Form. There will be a number of Sixth Form staff available to discuss students’ results and course choices and complete the enrolment process. If students need advice from parents/carers at this point, they will be invited into school.

Sixth Form uniform will be available to purchase on the Results Day. Uniform can be preordered using the order form in the Sixth Form section of the school website, and collected on Results Day.


Students at other schools – Friday 21st August

You should collect your GCSE results from your school on Thursday based on their instructions. You should then complete the online form to send us details of your results. You can find the form here

You should come to St Robert’s on Friday 21st Aug for your registration interview. The time will be based on your surname:-
9am – Surnames A to C
10am – Surnames D to H
11am – Surnames I to L
12.30pm – Surnames M to Q
1.30pm – Surnames R to Z

The registration interview is an opportunity to discuss your results and make your final subject choices. You can order your uniform now and collect it after your registration interview. You can download the order form from our website at


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