CEIAG Curriculum (Gatsby Benchmark 1) 

‘Every school and college should have an embedded programme of career education and guidance that is known and understood by pupils, parents, teachers and employers.’ Gatsby Framework 

As part of our PSHE (Personal Social and Health Education) programme in school we offer a module in each academic year that focuses on Careers, Enterprise and Aspirations.  These modules are carefully structured to support pupils at key stages in their development and ensure that all pupils make informed choices on appropriate career pathways which meet their needs, aspirations and ability.  This programme has been mapped against Gatsby and CDI frameworks.   

An overview of the careers modules can be found here: 

PSHE Timeline 2021-22

PSHE Timeline 2022-23

PSHE Timeline 2023-24

Careers Scheme of Work 

CEIAG Booklets 

Each year group completes a short Careers Module followed by a self evaluation of their current progress and aspirations. 

CEIAG Booklet1 – Year 7 

CEIAG Booklet1 – Year 8 

CEIAG Booklet1 – Year 9 

CEIAG Booklet1 – Year 10 

CEIAG Booklet1 – Year 11 

Careers Programme Review and Evaluation 

We welcome feedback from pupils and parents on the careers programme.  Please feel free to complete our online evaluation forms or contact Mr Green.

Parent / Carer Feedback Form 

Pupil Survey 

Careers Education Code of Practice 

We as a school aim to ensure that our pupils are given the highest quality careers education, information, advice and guidance by providing the following:  

  • Structured careers education and advice that is part of our curriculum. 
  • A wide range of partnerships with local businesses which provide our pupils with work experience and other opportunities to help better prepare them for work. 
  • The opportunity to speak to a range of education and training establishments and employers, so that pupils can make the best decision on what is right for them. 
  • An open invite to parents and carers in the careers decision-making process by inviting them to activities and events such as option evenings and careers fairs. 
  • Help and support for our most disadvantaged pupils to raise their aspirations, confidence and skills, through access to role models who can provide information and advice, and opportunities for work-related learning. 
  • A structured programme of staff training within the field of careers information and advice, to keep them up to date with labour market information and qualification pathways. 
  • An entitlement to all learners from year 8 to year 13 to have access to impartial careers advice and guidance during each academic year. 
  • The commissioning of Impartial Advice by Matrix Accredited Careers Advisors.

This code is based on the value that meeting the needs of our pupils should be at the heart of all CEIAG provision, policy and practice in our school.