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Application for Teaching Internship



Trinity North East Teaching School Alliance

St Robert of Newminster is a strategic partner in the Trinity North East Teaching School Alliance.  Cardinal Hume Catholic School is the lead school in the Alliance. Other strategic partners are Cramlington Learning Village and Newcastle University. For further information about our alliance please visit our Alliance Website by clicking here.

School Direct/ITT

We are pleased to offer an exciting opportunity to train as a teacher with Trinity North East Teaching School Alliance. The School Direct pathway is available for Secondary and Primary. Our accredited provider will be Carmel College. The application process is through the UCAS Teacher Training system.

Please click here for a downloadable version of the document.

Why School Direct?

School Direct Maths: Miss A Boxer St Robert’s RE Deparment

“One of the things I enjoyed most about the School Direct training course was that you truly feel part of your school community and department from the very first day. Having hands on experience of teaching early in the course allowed me to build meaningful relationships with both staff and students. Being a presence in the classroom from the beginning of the school year resulted in greater respect from the students and they saw me as a consistent and trusted member of staff. The School Direct course not only allows you hands on experience of becoming a class teacher but also experience of becoming an effective Form Tutor. This helped me to develop the confidence and skills to support my own Form Group during my NQT year. Throughout the year I was able to develop my skills and pedagogical knowledge through a structured CPD programme, weekly meetings with my subject mentor and regular professional tutor support. This allowed me to quickly progress into a very confident teacher. I would highly recommend this route to anyone considering a career in teaching.”

School Direct MFL: Mr Hurst St Robert’s MFL Department

“I found Schools Direct to be the most effective and supportive way in to teaching. Working daily, all year round in a supportive department feeds in to you the knowledge and experience you need to become an outstanding teacher. You regularly have opportunities to reflect on your teaching, with input of the experienced staff around you whilst also having the regular input of your professional tutor with regards to other key areas of the job (teaching and learning, data, SEN etc.). I have found this year to be a thoroughly rewarding and educational year which has lead me to be exactly where I want to be at this point, on the verge of qualifying and on the career path of education”