Academic Year 2019-20

Term Dates
4th September 2019School reopens for students
18th September 2019Year 13 Parent Information Meeting (6-7pm)
19th September 2019Year 10 Parent Information Meeting (6-7pm)
26th September 2019Year 6 Open Evening (5.30-8pm)
2nd October 2019Year 12 Parent Information Evening (6-7pm)
10th October 2019Year 7 Parent Information Evening (6-7pm)
17th October 2019Year 11 Parent Information Evening (5:15-6:45pm)
23rd October 2019Year 12 Open Evening (5.30-7pm)
25th October 2019Final day of half term (Students leave at 3.20pm)
28th October – 1st NovemberHalf-term holiday week
4th November 2019School re-opens for start of half term
6th November 2019Year 13 Parent Evening (4-7pm)
13th November 2019 Year 7 Tutor Evening (4-7pm)
25th November – 6th December Year 11 and Y13 Mock Exams
19th December 2019Y11 and Y13 Mock Results Day
20th December 2019Final day of term (Students leave at 1.15pm)
23rd December – 3rd January 2020Christmas Holidays
6th January 2020School reopens for start of term for all students
22nd January 2020Year 11 Parent Evening (4-7pm)
12th February 2020Year 10 Parent Evening (4-7pm)
13th February 2020 Year 9 Options Evening
14th February 202 Final day of half term (Students leave at 3.20pm)
17th – 21st February 2020Half term holiday week
24th February 2020 School reopens for the start of term
26th February 2020Year 12 Parent Evening (4-7pm)
2nd -7th March 2020Y11 2nd Mock Exam week (English, Maths and Science only)
11th March 2020 Year 9 Parent Evening (4-7pm)
18th March 2020School closed for students (INSET day)
25th March 2020Year 7 Parent Evening (4-7pm)
3rd April 2020Final day of spring term (students leave at 3.20pm)
6th – 17th April 2020Easter Holidays
20th April 2020 School reopens for students
27th – 7th May 2020Year 10 exams
30th April 2020 Year 6 Welcome Evening (6-8pm)
8th May 2020 School closed (Bank Holiday)
4th May 2020Year 11 and Y13 external exams begin
22nd May 2020 Final day of half term (students leave at 3.20pm)
25th – 29th May 2020Half term holiday week
1st June 2020 School reopens for start of term for all students
8th – 13th June 2020Year 12 Mock Exams
23rd June 2020New Year 12 Taster Day
26th June 2020 School closed for students (INSET day)
8th July 2020 Year 8 Parent Evening (4-7pm)
13th – 19th July 2020Activities Week and Y10 and Y12 Work experience week
19th July 2020Final day of Summer term(Students leave at 1.15pm)

A downloadable copy of the 2018-19 Academic Year calendar can be found here.

A downloadable copy of the 2019-20 Academic Year calendar can be found here.