Application Process

Prospective students may apply to join St. Robert of Newminster Sixth Form at any point after the Open Evening in the academic year before they wish to commence their studies with us. This year’s Open Evening will be online.


Before starting the Sixth Form, students will be interviewed, preferably with parents, in order to establish that the right choices are being made, and to give students an opportunity to clarify their options. It may be that the subject choices of some pupils may need revising in the light of their GCSE results and these changes can be discussed once the results are published. Staff will be available in order to advise on this. Year 12 students should have their timetables established and lessons started during the first week of term. Further details of the induction process and final option choices will be posted to all successful applicants.


For any further enquiries please contact the college at or by telephone on 0191 716 1700