The St Robert’s community welcomes pupils from a wide range of primary schools. However, our five official feeder primaries are:

  • St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School – Washington
  • St Bede’s Catholic Primary School – Washington
  • St John Boste Catholic Primary School – Washington
  • Our Lady Queen of Peace Catholic School – Houghton le Spring
  • St Michael’s Catholic Primary School – Houghton Le Spring

To assist pupils in their transition from KS2 to KS3, we facilitate lessons throughout the year for their target language of either French or Spanish as well as visits to our school to participate in activities such as Science lessons. We complete transition days, which welcomes pupils into their tutor groups and therefore, House system, as well as a range of activities across different subject areas.

Transition 2019-20

Open Evening  – 26th September 2019

  • Parents and pupils are invited to St Robert’s to meet key staff, listen to a Head Teacher talk and then a tour of the school by Key Stage 3 pupil ambassadors.
  • Parents and pupils can meet staff from various Subjects, SEN department and Sunderland Admissions.

Welcome Evening April 2020 (date tbc, please refer to ‘dates’ section of the website)

  • Once pupils have received a confirmed place parents and pupils attend a Welcome talk by the Head Teacher, as well as the opportunity to complete admission documents, choose uniform, PE kit and discuss any further SEN/Medical needs.

Throughout the Year 2019 – 2020

Year 6


The Languages department deliver lessons (3 x 1 hour lessons) at the feeder primary schools to the year 6 pupils. It gives them a taster of French as well as ease their transition in Year 7.


The department deliver 2 session to each feeder school. Pupils come to St Robert’s and take part in a variety of lessons, including Chemistry, Physics and Biology.

Transition Week July 2020

Pupils will attend 2 full days at St Robert’s. Activities include Art, English, Chaplaincy, Science, French, Preparing to Learn techniques, PE, DT, History, Geography and RE. All pupils will be in their allocated tutor groups and houses during this week. 6thForm ambassadors will help guide pupils around school and within activities.

Summer School July 2020

Pupils are encouraged to attend summer school, in the first week of summer holidays Mon- Thurs 9am -2pm. Pupils choose an activity of Art, Sport, Dance or ICT, alongside experiencing Maths, Science and English.
The summer school is currently offered to all pupils at no cost, with the aim of enjoyment and feeling more confident in school. Invitation letters will be issued during the Welcome evening in April.


Festivals are offered to the feeder primary schools throughout the year. Some are at St Robert’s, others are at a feeder primary school or an allocated facility like Houghton Rugby Club. Year 12/13 BTEC students and Year 9 sports leaders help run the events.
1.    Reception = Teddy Bear Picnic
2.    Year 1 = Dance
3.    Year 2 = Multi sport
4.    Year 3 = skipping
5.    Year 4 = Hand Ball
6.    Year 5 = Tag Rugby and Cricket
7.    Year 6 = Athletics
8.    All Years = Cross Country
9.    All primaries and students are invited to Badminton club on a Monday night at St Robert’s

Year 5


The art department go deliver 2 lessons to Year 5 pupils at the feeder schools and they design stained glass windows. 6th Form pupils help deliver the sessions.

Transition June 2020 (1/2 Day)

Pupils will attend a ½ day at St Robert’s and are divided into groups alongside other feeder schools. Activities include Music, PE and Drama. 6thForm ambassadors help to guide pupils around school and within activities.