KS5 GCE A-level results day – Thursday 15thAugust

KS4 GCSE results day – Thursday 22ndAugust

Certificate Requests

Due to Exam Board regulations, examination certificates must only be stored for 1 year from the date of issue. After this time you must contact the individual Exam Board directly for a replacement copy.









External Examination Entries

Students may be involved in external examinations at various times throughout the year. It is essential that the school is informed of any possible absence from an examination well in advance of the date of the exam. It may be necessary for the school to ask you for reimbursement of the entry fee if a valid reason for the absence from an examination is not given in advance of the date.

Illness on the day of the examination must be reported to the school exam office as soon as possible and a medical note sent into the examination office at the earliest opportunity.

Exam Office Notices

Access to Scripts Consent Form
Enquiries About Results Consent Form
Enquiries About Results Procedure
Enquiries Fees Summer 2016
Exams Appeals Policy
Information for Candidates
Post Results Enquiries about results consent form
Post Results Enquiries fees Summer 2019
Priority GCE Only Post Results Enquiries about results consent form
Mobile Phone / Smart watch Poster 
JCQ No Mobiles in exams
JCQ Joint Council for Qualifications


Key Staff

Mrs J Alder: Examinations Officer

Mr D Mitchell: Senior Teacher Examinations